Your life could end at any moment. How much of it is going to be spent on the clock?

Our time on earth is mapped out ahead of us: counting the minutes until the ends of our shifts, the days until the weekend, the years until we can retire - assuming we ever get the chance. Even if we make it to old age, the planet might die before we do. While we trade most of our waking hours for a paycheck, the glaciers melt, the waters rise, and the clock keeps ticking.

One way or another, the world of work is going to end.

How will the world end for you?

Will we trudge through the world of work until our last moments? Silicon Valley will measure the value of human life with computer algorithms and find us all lacking. Strip mines will churn out a depleting supply of rare metals until the final iPhone rolls off the assembly line. Our faces, voices, and genetic material will be used for advertisement and police surveillance in equal measure. Industrial farming and climate change will transform the few remaining patches of fertile earth to dust. The powerful continue to profit from ruin. As humanity takes its dying breath, billions of people keep the gears turning.

Or will we fight?

Work is hell.
To manifest heaven on earth, we will abolish it.

More to come.

In the meantime, a few suggestions: